Are you arriving outside front desk hours?

Please follow the simple instructions below to check in after hours

Check-In Time

If you expect to arrive after 1:00AM (except for all day on Xmas or New Year's day), please notify us using the form on this page to request after hours check-in instructions.

Late check-in

Please note that after hours check-in is only available for guests who pre-arranged with reception prior to arrival.

After obtaining after hours check-in instructions, guests can perform self-check-in when arriving the building after hours. In case you experience difficulty to check-in, you can ring the doorbell located at the building entrance to speak to our on-site manager, or call the mobile number display on the main door for further assistance.
  • Your booking reference is a series of unique letters and numbers that sent to you in the booking confirmation email.
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  • Please enter your name that you used to make this reservation.
  • Please enter your email address that you wish to receive after hours check-in instructions.
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