1 Parking Directions - The Setup on Manners

Important information

Please proceed to check-in prior to access the parking as you will require additional key fob to access the building.

Car park entrance: At 28 Bond Street, Te Aro, Wellington (Shared access with Tournament Lombard Street Parking).

Car park exit: At 2 Lombard Street, Te Aro, Wellington.

Height restrictions: 1.9m

Roller grill operating hours:
Monday to Saturday: 11:00AM - 5:30AM
Sunday: 8:00PM - 5:30AM

A pin code is needed to access the parking within the roller grill operating hours


Please notify us if you have reserved a car park upon check-in, we will provide you the key fob to the parking and a pin code to access after hours.

Drive up to Level 4A

Please follow the driving direction to 28, Bond Street, Te Aro Wellington (we are sharing the car park entrance with Tournament Lombard Street Parking). You will see a rolling door as soon as you drive up to Level 4A.

Access using parking key fob

Please use the parking key fob (supplied to you on your check-in) to access the roller door.

Find your park

Please find the park that is allocated to you. Parking at the wrong space may result in your car being towed at your expense.